Back to Reality

Tina Davidson

Today was the first day back to school since winter break. With the radio on, I headed to work and heard the radio personality say, “well, it’s back to reality”. I’ve heard quite a few people say that over the last few days, but today it really struck me. My reality, my everyday, my typical 24 hours, is pretty amazing!

I get to work with professionals who are passionate about what they do. This team is absolutely amazing! Beyond creative problem solving and personal integrity, this team is incredibly dedicated. Their commitment to Montessori education, children and work ethic makes being here exciting and motivating!

I am surrounded by children who inspire me to be the best I can be. It is truly difficult not to give an eager student all that you have. Not only that, when you work with children, you get to laugh – a lot! Our old school chat board is proof of that!

My reality is, I work at Lupine Montessori, where our community is made up of the most caring and giving people I have ever known. If you need a chair, someone is there to help. Somehow coffee arrives on mornings when you need an extra lift. Have a sick child at home and a healthy one at school, someone steps in to offer shuttle service. And let’s not forget the constant support, thoughtful dialog, and family-like energy that runs through this crowd! It’s electric and could charge a small town!

So yes, I will gladly get back to a reality where the work I do is about making the world a more beautiful place. Here’s to another year of helping others, being neighborly, learning about the world around us and making a difference in that world through education.

2019 is going to be an incredible year and I am excited to return to the reality of Lupine Montessori!