New Beginnings

Tina Davidson

It’s January! Time for new beginnings, clean starts and fresh outlooks. Did you make a new year’s resolution? Maybe you want more joy in your life? Perhaps you promised to be true to yourself or to commit to life long learning? Maybe you’re an adventurer who is looking for more challenges in the coming year or maybe you crave trying new things? Now all you need is a plan! How are you going to take your life in a new direction?  Maybe it’s time for a new path?

Lupine Montessori offers the opportunity to be a part of something designed to make a difference in the world. Founded on ideals of lifelong learning, social responsibility, and a commitment to Montessori education, LMS is an exciting place to be!

You may not be ready to make a change in your career right now. If you’re blooming where you are, that’s fantastic! But if you need something more, something that both stirs and feeds your soul, consider our job opportunities. 

We are looking for dedicated, caring individuals who want to be part of a growing team excited to make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities. If you’re an innovator with experience or someone who is called to a new adventure, explore our opportunities for Elementary and Adolescent guides. 

Montessori education at Lupine, it’s the adventure of a lifetime!