Why Montessori? Finding the Perfect Fit!

Tina Davidson

article published in the Lockport Legend December 6, 2018

Finding just the right school is often a difficult task. Parents spend hours on tours and researching online only to discover that many schools have different buildings, but the same educational model. 

Make a change!

It’s time to look for something DIFFERENT – an individualized approach that supports children working within their learning styles, at their own pace, and in an environment that sparks their natural curiosity. 

Lupine Montessori School fans the spark.

At Lupine Montessori School, that spark is fanned into a lifelong quest for knowledge. The compassionate and diverse community is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment of confident, independent, lifelong learners by providing quality Montessori education.

The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori philosophy offers opportunities to develop concentration and critical thinking. The multi-age classrooms mimic a family structure allowing younger children to learn through example while older students seize the opportunity to lead. This structure all works seamlessly because there is freedom within limits. With the flexibility to choose resources, areas of study, and how they work, students feed their fundamental desire to learn. The adults in the room act as guides, creating supportive environments where self direction and exploration are highly encouraged. In that way, recognizing and correcting errors is a natural part of the learning process. The result, as research shows, is that Montessori students are active, enthusiastic and proud of their academic work.

Why Lupine?

So what makes Lupine different from other Montessori schools? Parent participation, transparency, authenticity, peace education, the natural world and sustainable environmental practices are central to the Lupine philosophy. A dedicated and highly experienced staff serve children from preschool through adolescence with energy and compassion. By creating a family of students, parents, and board members, Lupine brings the very best to the community.

So, shop around, try everything on and then visit Lupine Montessori School to feel the difference. Self-confidence, compassion, independence, and a love of learning are just the right fit!