Interest Inquiry: A Geological Discovery!

Tina Davidson

by Lina McAndrew

A boy in the Casa has been coming to school in a Junior Ranger Vest with a collection of very special rocks and gems. Different days mean different rocks. He cannot get enough of scientific facts! If you ever want to talk about the pull of Jupiter’s gravity or the speed of mustang’s gallop – he’s your guy!

Recently, he and a friend used a magnifying glass to explore the rocks from every angle. They even took a q-tip to give it a deep cleaning! (His friend loves deep cleaning!) She explained that they’re pretending to be scientists – ” (He) is reading the book about gems and I am exploring the rock.” I told her she’s not pretending to be one but is actually doing the work of a scientist, studying the world around her. She skipped across the room, “Guess what?! We are actual scientists!”

These young scientists did not rely on the teachers who had very little to do with this lesson. Their own interests led towards scientific inquiry. Now the whole class has benefited as the entire room has officially caught the gem/rock fever.