Absorbing & Observing Winter

Tina Davidson

We’re so glad we went out this chilly morning. The occasional patches of ice really kept us on our toes. What surprised and delighted the children the most was the frozen snowmelt at the bottom of the hill. Before long, the cold started to settle into our still bodies so we kept moving. We crossed the grassy field and made our way into the woods. After a hike up a “mountain”, we found two logs to sit on to catch our breath. It steamed in the cold air. 

We spent the rest of our time testing our strength against frozen stumps, sticks, and walnuts. Once loosened, children used the materials to build many different things. A small group of students built a squirrel trap. When asked why are they interested in trapping a squirrel, they replied, “because we want to absorb (observe) it!”