Salaam – Peace

Tina Davidson
The center candle lights all the others

Long before there were people, civilizations, planets, or galaxies, before the very first speck of matter appeared, there was something from which all things came to be. And that something was Love (we lit the candle at the center). When Mrs. McAndrew and Miss Amanda came to the Casa, they were filled with love. Then came Lily, Andi, and Charlotte – they too received this love. So went our spiral of light, each candle named and lit from the center. 

We observed that no matter how many times we used the center candle to light all others, it never blew out. Love never runs out. It is not possible for love to be emptied, only to grow brighter. 

Children took turns to think of family members and pets to send their love to. After sitting by the candlelight for some time, we started putting them out, making our way back towards the center. One student asked, why? 

We came out of love and it’s to love we all must return. And what a journey it is turning out to be. 

-Lina McAndrew