The joy of leaves- A Walkabout Reflection

“The maples are really putting on a show, aren’t they?” We played in the falling leaves and marveled at the frost lingering on blades of grass. There was enough of it to make our very own “frost angel.” I was secretly hoping that the Gingko tree would give us plenty of golden fan-shaped leaves to … Read more

Is Montessori right for my child?

You’ve heard bits and pieces about this alternative to traditional school, but how do you know if it’s right for you and your family. Will Montessori really work for my child? Perhaps you have a friend with a child in a Montessori program. Maybe you have heard about Montessori at a local playgroup. Or maybe … Read more

Montessori Materials: Fine Motor Skills at school and at home

Practicing in School One of the most popular works in the Montessori classroom is the metal insets. This stencil activity promotes fine motor skills through hand strengthening, hand-eye coordination & concentration. Fine motor development is critical as it leads to all academic areas from primary to upper elementary. It is an essential work that builds … Read more

Super Heroes

“Mrs. Davidson, I’m going to save the world!”, a child eagerly shouted to me.  I thought, “You’re absolutely right!”  Children have the best imaginations and the best of intentions.  Why not show them all of the things they can do!  In a Montessori environment, we focus on independence as a means to strengthen self-esteem. I believe that … Read more

The Roles of Lighthouse Keepers & Captains

Recently, a young boy was having one of those days. Although he was unable to articulate his troubles, a Kindergartener recognized that her friend was feeling low and turned his day around.

Interest Inquiry: A Geological Discovery!

by Lina McAndrew A boy in the Casa has been coming to school in a Junior Ranger Vest with a collection of very special rocks and gems. Different days mean different rocks. He cannot get enough of scientific facts! If you ever want to talk about the pull of Jupiter’s gravity or the speed of … Read more

Time to get out of the house!

The importance of spending time outside in the winter. Spending Time Outdoors in the Winter! Norwegians have a long-standing tradition known as “friluftsliv”.  The word loosely translates to ‘open-air life’ and embodies the nation’s dedication to spending time in nature on a regular basis.  This is easy enough to do when the sun is shining … Read more