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New Beginnings

It’s January! Time for new beginnings, clean starts and fresh outlooks. Did you make a new year’s resolution? Maybe you want more joy in your life? Perhaps you promised to be true to yourself or to commit to life long learning? Maybe you’re an adventurer who is looking for more challenges in the coming year

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Back to Reality

Today was the first day back to school since winter break. With the radio on, I headed to work and heard the radio personality say, “well, it’s back to reality”. I’ve heard quite a few people say that over the last few days, but today it really struck me. My reality, my everyday, my typical

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Walkabout Wednesday

I could write a short novel about the wonders of today’s walkabout! It was simply amazing! The birds were singing all around us. We saw blue jays, a woodpecker and a hawk soared right next to us! We marveled in the wonder of the great Sycamore tree and gathered it’s twigs, bark and seeds. In

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