• COVID-19 Updates

Thank you for your support during these remarkable circumstances. We understand that the statewide closure of schools will disrupt family lives and be challenging. We stand ready to support our Lupine families and continue learning for our students. During the closure, in accordance with the State’s COVID-19 response, teachers and students will be participating in remote learning beginning Tuesday, March 17th.

We will continue to keep you informed of new developments and new actions as they are taken and share remote learning resources with you, like the handbook below.

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We nurture confident, independent, lifelong learning for children, families and our community.
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Independent yet guided education, freedom within limits and careful consideration of each child’s natural strengths in learning are the cornerstones of the Montessori method of teaching.

Lockport Legend Newspaper, August 27, 2017

The Lupine Experience

A Community
You Can Trust

AMS certified teachers with almost 20 years combined experience, a Board of Directors that includes parents & community members, parents who are engaged in Montessori education and LMS, and an open door policy with teachers and the head of school.

A Holistic Approach
to Learning

Learning and practice happens during prolonged work cycles built into the day so traditional homework is kept to a minimum. Rather than evaluate one moment in time with traditional exams and standardized tests, Montessori guides observe the true aptitude and potential of a child over time in many situations.


Our school is dedicated to upholding the standards of the American Montessori Society: a clear mission and vision, mixed age classrooms with quality Montessori materials and 3-hour uninterrupted work cycles, certified staff, continuous improvement through strategic planning, open communication through a community run board of directors. We are proud to announce our Step 6 status on the Pathway to AMS accreditation.


We support stewardship of the earth through on-site recycling, composting and thoughtful & creative use of resources.

Connecting to the Natural World

We use the daily influences of nature along with weekly walkabouts to encourage discovery, a sense of wonder and the pursuit of adventure. Through these experiences, children not only develop a relationship with the earth, but improve executive function, long term memory, creativity and problem solving.

More than Academics

Scholastic achievement is not the only hallmark of Montessori education. Kindness and empathy are critical social skills that need to be taught and practiced. Through an intentional curriculum of peace and culture, children learn how to be friends, coworkers, collaborators, leaders and helpful neighbors.

Our Mission

To nurture confident, independent, lifelong learning by providing holistic Montessori education to children, families and our community.

Our Vision

To stimulate a Montessori revolution by serving a vibrant community of learners of all ages.

Life at Lupine

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