Lupine Montessori School

Independent yet guided education, freedom within limits and careful consideration of each child’s natural strengths in learning are the cornerstones of the Montessori method of teaching.

Lockport Legend Newspaper, August 27, 2017

The Lupine Experience

A Community
You Can Trust

AMS certified teachers with almost 20 years combined experience, a Board of Directors that includes parents & community members, parents who are engaged in Montessori education and LMS, and an open door policy with teachers and the head of school.

A Holistic Approach
to Learning

Learning and practice happens during prolonged work cycles built into the day so traditional homework is kept to a minimum. Rather than evaluate one moment in time with traditional exams and standardized tests, Montessori guides observe the true aptitude and potential of a child over time in many situations.


Our school is dedicated to upholding the standards of the American Montessori Society: a clear mission and vision, mixed age classrooms with quality Montessori materials and 3-hour uninterrupted work cycles, certified staff, continuous improvement through strategic planning, open communication through a community run board of directors. We are proud to announce our Step 6 status on the Pathway to AMS accreditation.


We support stewardship of the earth through on-site recycling, composting and thoughtful & creative use of resources.

Connecting to the Natural World

We use the daily influences of nature along with weekly walkabouts to encourage discovery, a sense of wonder and the pursuit of adventure. Through these experiences, children not only develop a relationship with the earth, but improve executive function, long term memory, creativity and problem solving.

More than Academics

Scholastic achievement is not the only hallmark of Montessori education. Kindness and empathy are critical social skills that need to be taught and practiced. Through an intentional curriculum of peace and culture, children learn how to be friends, coworkers, collaborators, leaders and helpful neighbors.

Our Mission

To nurture confident, independent, lifelong learning by providing holistic Montessori education to children, families and our community.

Our Vision

To stimulate a Montessori revolution by serving a vibrant community of learners of all ages.
Beth P.
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Lupine challenges my children in a positive and nurturing light. The sense of community is outstanding, communication with teachers and the Directress is top notch, and the overall environment is wonderful. I am so pleased that my children are becoming the best versions of themselves at Lupine!
Rachel G
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We have been so pleased to watch our son grow this school year in his abilities, self-awareness and self-confidence. Tina and Lina truly love the children and are passionate about the Montessori method. What a wonderful thing to find a second family in a school. We are looking forward to all of our children attending Lupine for years to come!
Angela A.
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Tina is an outstanding educator - my children learned to love learning because of her! I share credit with Tina for helping my boys become caring, respectful, and considerate teenagers! She is a true asset to the Lockport community!!
Lorelle E.
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Love the school and love the teachers! I can’t imagine my son in a different environment!
Jeannie M.
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The best decision we could have ever made, was to place both our children in this amazing school. We love the academic advantage they have, in addition to being taught to think critically. More importantly, they are learning to be an engaged member of their community; helping others, enjoying nature, and being self-reliant. By far the best educators there are. Tina & Lina embrace our children daily with all the love and care that they can. The school is a professional place that can give your child everything you have dreamed of.
Traci S.
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Choosing Lupine is the best choice I could have made for my son! Not only does he learn all the basics you learn at another school but he also learns life skills, how to respect the earth and others and to never judge. The school promotes peace, community and being environmentally friendly. The families of the school are wonderful and Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. McAndrews are the absolute best! They are always open to new ideas, always available to discuss any matter, they really are passionate in what they do. I can’t say enough about them. The style of education is like no other. This is just a blip of how impressed I am with Lupine. I highly recommend to everyone!
Valerie D.
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We are very happy to have found Lupine Montessori School. Our four-year-old started in August and we began our first year in the Montessori setting. We were welcomed to the Lupine community with open arms, and everyone, including parents and children have been so wonderful. Lupine has the best educators. Tina and Lina are extremely passionate about what they do. They create a nurturing environment for all children where they can feel safe and learn at their own pace. The best part is our son is always sharing how much he loves his teachers and how nice his friends are at school. He has so much fun exploring the natural world both in and outside of the classroom, and he loves teaching us at home all about what he learns. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have our son learn in this environment. It’s been wonderful watching him gain confidence and be so excited to try new things.
Tracy H.
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This place is amazing!! If you are looking for an environment that fosters lifelong learning, search no more!! The head of school is dedicated, brilliant, and loving! Your child is her child; the Lupine family is strong! And Lena, wow!! My 5 year old can't get enough of Lena and her love for the outdoors! The Lupine family engages the children in life, guiding them to LOVE learning. The children are given individual guidance at the perfect time in their life. The personal attention given to each child is simply amazing! If you are looking to give your child the best life tools, Lupine is the place!
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Hands down the impact you had on my boys during their years of Montessori helped shape who they are today. As a working mom, the security I felt knowing my boys were with you all day made all the difference in the world. Truly such a blessing for so many families out there!
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I cannot say enough good things about this woman. Her patience, understanding, thoughtfulness, experience, etc. really made an impact - that is because of her passion. I cannot say enough about Montessori. . . life skills, nature orientated, hands on learning, and peace. I can go on forever.